Pacific Rainforest Wildlife Guardians 












Tax free log exports are hauling away jobs and funding from schools. Most plywood mills were moved to Indonesia and China, where exported raw logs are processed then sold back to us. Is it Fair Trade to take away our jobs? Free trade for billionaire multinational corporations = Raw Log Exports Tax Free, Local Hire Free, Labor Law Free, Minimum Wage Free, Insurance and Pension Fund Free, Pollution Law Free. Wow! What a score for the multinational timber billionaires!!










 Now the big timber companies are still hungry for more and more logs to export and want our public forest lands to strip like they have their own. With the small town mentality also found in cities, it's easy to get the "we support the timber industry" set to blame BLM instead. Now they are leaning on Congress to turn over BLM O&C forests to the timber industry to log to put more Chinese to work in Far Eastern mills.













  Allowing the last of our forests and mountains to be decimated won't fix the problem that there's hardly any Harvest Severance Tax paid by timber companies owning over 5,000 acres. Owners of less than 5,000 acres have to pay 4 times as much. No Raw Material Export Tax and little Severance Tax from the mountains of logs cut on their land goes to schools or counties. Yet they are holding the O&C BLM forests hostage to their ever increasing insatiable greed. The tax code must be made fair.



  Sure, they say "raw public forest logs are illegal to export." But who's going to enforce the law? No one ever has before. The potential for graft and corruption is immense.  State Weights and Measures truck traffic officers have no training in log transport laws and don't even know there are any!! Each State Forest log is required to have a 3-4 INCH WIDE ORANGE DOT PAINTED IN THE END MIDDLE to see that it doesn't get exported before processing, but illegal loads aren't painted or painted the wrong color.











  See the illegal unmarked load from Elliott State Forest bound for Coos Bay Harbor to export to China? That's why Marbled Murrelet habitat was being illegally clear cut.  Governor Brown fired the staff in Coos Bay and replaced them with honest, reliable leadership. A lot of damage had been done before that, though, and it will take decades for the forests to regrow for sustainable harvest levels of much volume.


There needs to be fair taxes so school and county revenue is no longer cut off by the great tax loophole heist big enough to pilot loaded ocean freighters through 24 hours a day, outsourcing our mill jobs. We need to stop giving away our jobs, keep natural resources home for us by making log exports too expensive like California does. Housing would become more affordable, lumber, too.

  Reinstate full Severance Tax to counties, not 1/4 of what small woodland owners pay, and initiate a High Raw Material Export Tax for all unprocessed raw materials except food, that makes them cheaper to process using Oregon manufacturing. Then hire people to enforce the tax code by stopping piracy. Small woodland owners should not be taxed extra to pay for PR campaigns for multinational corporations, while federal forests are decimated trying to plug the gigantic tax loop hole with our publicly owned, irreplaceable older native forests and wildlife.