How to Maintain an Inflatable Spa

How to Maintain an Inflatable Spa

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Maintaining an inflatable spa is quite simple. An inflatable spa is an answer for those that love to enjoy a warm and good massage experience at home or when they are on a vacation with friends and family. Taking care of your portable spa is easy and less time taking. 

To take proper care of your hot inflatable spa, you should consider cleaning every part and corner of the spa every three days after usage. 

An inflatable spa does not consume too much time when cleaning them—However, it is always advisable to keep them as clean as possible. Cleaning them every three days after usage saves you from stress when next you plan on enjoying yourself inside the portable spa. 

Hence, how you maintain your inflatable spa contributes tremendously to the lasting performance of your inflatable spa coupled with the health of people using it.

This article will shed light on the best ways to maintain and properly use your portable mobile spa. 

Keep Your Water Clean: Filter System

 When you are buying an inflatable spa, it usually comes along with a water filter system, that plays a vital role in maintaining an inflatable spa and keep the water, filled inside the spa clean. 

The filters inside an inflatable spa help to sieve out dirt from the water, allowing water to stay clean and healthy for users who want to enjoy the warm experience of the spa. Due to this reason, it is advised to always change the spa filter on a regular basis—at least every three months, this depends on how frequently you make use of the inflatable spa.

Hence, it is important to get additional filters for your inflatable spa. The reason is to be able to change the filter system in order to regularly maintain the spa. Also, do not forget to clean and dry them out immediately after usage.    

However, getting additional filters will allow rotations when you frequently make use of your inflatable spa. This will help maintain the usage of the spa and will give it a lasting usage performance.  visit to learn more about spas.

Keep Your Water Clean: Chemical Usage

To ensure that your spa water is clean and healthy for usage, it is important to buy test strips, chlorine or bromine, and other chemicals for maintaining the pH level that helps to determine the acidity and base level of water.

The first thing to use when testing your spa water if it’s safe for usage is to dip the test strips into the water to determine the current situation of the water is and what should be done to get it treated, clean, and healthy for usage.

The test strip helps to check what the chlorine level of the water is, determine the acidity and base level of the spa water (pH level), and lastly helps to figure out the alkalinity of the water. All these three things must be considered to ensure that the water is healthy before usage, free from bacteria, and algae.  

However, to keep your inflatable spa water clean, keeping your spa covered immediately after usage is one of the simple ways to keep it maintained and healthy for usage. 

Clean the Inflatable Spa Regularly 

When cleaning the portable spa itself, you might want to consider taking out the filter system and cleaning it separately, leave it to air dry, and start with the inflatable spa itself. Cleaning an inflatable spa is easy and does take much time. 

To clean, connect a pipe to the cleaning nozzle that comes with the portable spa and attach it to the drainage valve, start with draining all the water in the spa completely. Once the water is completely drained, get soap, sponge, and clean water to thoroughly wash off all the dirt inside the spa. 

After cleaning, pump the inflatable spa back and fill it up with fresh clean water. Do this every 3 to 4 weeks of frequent usage, also do not forget to get your spa cover cleaned too.

Prevent Your Inflatable Spa from getting Punctured  

To maintain or reduce the risk of getting your portable spa punctured, there are certain things to be done to ensure long-term performance and enjoyment for both friends and family.

Getting inflatable spa punctured tends to happen unexpectedly. Sometimes, it is due to negligence by individual users as a result of not properly cleaning the environment, this hereby giving room for a sharp object to pierce in the tube from the outside. 

To prevent your portable spa from getting a puncture, be sure to clear out all sharp objects around the location of setting up your inflatable spa to prevent it from getting punctured. Hence, this will give the spa a long and lasting usage performance.  

Secondly, to prevent your inflatable spa from getting punctured, do not overinflate the spa with air when pumping it, and when getting it started. This can result in too much pressure on the seam, whereby leading to tearing or leakage from the inflatable spa. 

However, to prevent the portable spa from getting punctured, being careful is one major way to achieve or reduce the risk of puncture. Hence, puncture happens on rare occasions as an inflatable spa is made of very durable layer substances that make it hard to get punctured.

If the possibility of puncture occurs, you will need to get the inflatable spa fixed by using the repair kit that comes along with the spa when you purchased it. It is easy to use and works perfectly.

How to Maintain an Inflatable Spa

On a final note, to maintain and keep your inflatable spa clean and healthy for usage, it is important to excellently use it in a secured condition that allows it to perform effectively well and for long period of time. There is no shortcut other than following maximum instructions to ensure that the portable spa is properly maintained to enjoy a refreshing time with friends and family. We hope that this article has been able to expose you to the proper ways to use and maintain an inflatable spa for a long and lasting healthy usage and performance.