How to Maintain Your Inflatable Spa

How to Maintain Your Inflatable Spa

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Relaxing in your inflatable spa, or inflatable hot tub is an enjoyable thing to do until it is time to clean and maintain it. A good number of people consider the maintenance of the hot tub to be a needless and tedious chore. On the contrary, it is the exact opposite: it is a necessary and easy task.

To ensure that you optimally enjoy using your inflatable spa, you have to keep the water in the tub clean at all times. This will enable you and your family to remain as safe and healthy as possible every time you use the hot tub. It will also make certain that the inflatable spa remains durable and serves you for an extended period of time.

On a general note, an inflatable hot tub requires less cleaning and maintenance as compared to the traditional hot tubs with immovable bodies. It, however, still requires good maintenance to ensure it lasts incredibly long, without developing any premature faults. In addition, by taking adequate care of this tub, you can ensure that you and your family get to enjoy it in the best way possible.

This article aims to discuss the different methods by which you can maintain your inflatable spa and keep the water clean.

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Maintaining Your Inflatable Spa

Maintaining your hot tub requires a number of activities ranging from regularly cleaning the filter to adding adequate chemicals, cleaning the tub, etc. Luckily, none of these activities are tedious in any way. Without further ado, the following are some of the different ways to clean and maintain your inflatable spa:

Using your inflatable spa

When you want to use your inflatable spa, ensure that you fill it up to the maximum level – not beyond – with clean household water. (You can find the maximum level on the inside of the tub.) Bear in mind that filling the tub beyond the required level can be hazardous. This is because the water will likely spill when you or anyone go into the tub. This spill will then mess up the floor, which could cause you or any member of your family to slip.

Then, cover the tub and turn on the water heater to get the water to become hot. When the water is at your preferred temperature level, which can be up to 104F, turn the heater off. Thereafter, turn on the air jets to keep the water bubbling.

To ensure that the water is safe and healthy, you have to add sanitizer to it. This is because bacteria grow rapidly in untreated hot water. Hence, adding sanitizer to the water kills every bacterium that enters it and at the same time purifies the water.

Clean the water filters regularly

Water filters are used, in inflatable spas, to capture all the materials that shouldn’t be in the tub. Due to this, they tend to get dirty quite easily, and they also get clogged. As such, you have to clean them frequently and regularly, whether weekly or bi-weekly. Fortunately, cleaning the water filter is quite easy to do, and it doesn’t take time. To clean this tool, you can either buy specialist water filter cleaning tools or simply put the filter under cold running water. You can also put them in the dishwasher, without adding detergents of course, to ensure they are thoroughly clean.

We recommend you change these water filters every month or thereabout. This, however, depends on two key factors: the frequency with which you use the tub and the hardness of the water.

Shower before you get in the tub

It is important that the water in the tub is always clean and healthy. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to make it unclean and unhealthy. For instance, getting into the inflatable spa without thoroughly cleaning your body will easily get it dirty. However, taking a shower before you get in the tub will get you clean. This will in turn keep the water in the tub clean and healthy even after you leave. This is because the shower would have washed off your body’s natural oils and other chemicals that would have contaminated the water in the spa. Some of these chemicals are deodorants, perfume, after shave, body lotion, make-up, etc.

Get the children to use the bathroom before they get in

Before any kid get into the inflated spa, make sure they have already done their business in the bathroom. This will help you prevent them from messing up the water in the tub, thus making it unclean and unhealthy. Regardless of the amount of time they will be spending in the tub, ensure that they handle their business before they get in.

Always keep the lid on

Except for when you are using the tub or cleaning it, make sure that the lid is always on top. Also, make sure that the cover is also on, if it has a cover. Doing this will ensure that nothing falls into the water. It will also keep the children safe by making sure they can’t get into the tub untended.

Replace the water in the tub

If you leave the water in the tub for too long, it is highly likely that it will develop a film on its surface. It would also start to look cloudy and might even smell. Of course, you’ll want to replace the water before it gets to this point. So, when that happens, you, first, have to drain the water in the tub before you replace it with a clean and healthy version. Furthermore, ensure to wash the tub thoroughly before you replace the water. You can use a cloth or sponge and warm water for this.

We recommend you drain the water once every two weeks, depending on the number of people using the tub and its frequency of use.

Check the pH and chemical level of the water regularly

Constantly check the pH as well as the chemical level of the water. This will enable you to know whether the tub is safe and healthy or not. The recommended pH level is between 7.2 and 7.8. If you, however, find the pH level to be higher or lower, ensure to replace the water immediately.


Your primary reason for buying the inflatable spa is to enjoy and relax yourself. However, there is no way you can really enjoy yourself if the tub breaks apart easily or if the water is unsafe for your health. This is why it is necessary that you take constant care of the tub by following the aforementioned tips.