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 Big Cat Rescue is the world's largest sanctuary for Lions, Tigers, Jaguars and a multitude of exotic wild cats who were rescued from roadside circuses, abandoned after being exploited, or grew up, a dangerous animal from a cute kitten "pet". It is very expensive and labor intensive to provide quality food and care for them all. They fight for strong legislation that outlaws dangerous exotic pets.   

Cascadia Wildlands Project takes an active role in defense of wildlife, habitat and old growth forest dependant species ecosystems. Their actions provide a crucial voice for native wildlife who were here even before American Native humans, living in harmony with humans until the land was stolen by pioneer invaders.  Please join their efforts to save our proud Mountain Lions, also Bobcats and baby Black Bears from ODF&W.

Columbia Riverkeeper protects the Columbia River, communities, farms, forests and wild lands along it, from pollution, litter, and degradation. They are currently fighting 8,000 foot long crude oil trains from the Bakken Formation and Tar Sands carried on rotten rail beds by "pipelines on wheels", fighting off pollution industries, duelling invasive blackberry thickets and cleaning up beaches. 

Conservation International does really good work around the world, at the World Parks Congress in Durban, South Africa, the Brazilian state of Amapá announced the creation of a 10-million hectare Biodiversity Corridor that covers 71 percent of the state, blankets the world's largest tropical rainforest park and safeguards hundreds of unique plant and animal species.

Discount Domains is my friend's website.  Where I bought my domain name from, helpful and friendly service, run from the UK.  A great place to get your domain name and host your site.  Mention Marcia.  Offers a full range of domain name solutions and search engine submission service. We recommend Discount Domains very highly and appreciate their hard work for conservation efforts.

Earth Justice Legal Defense Fund litigates to protect and strengthen environmental laws and endangered species and improve environmental protection.  They are showing communities how to protect themselves from fracking. A recent victory for pesticides reform achieved up to 300 foot setbacks from waters of threatened salmon for 50 harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) works to protect people and the environment by advancing healthy solutions to pest problems. NCAP is dedicated to: --Keeping you informed about pesticide hazards and alternatives, --Increasing the adoption of alternatives to pesticide in agriculture, --Working with concerned citizens to challenge unnecessary spray programs, --Participating in the development of public policy relating to pesticides, --Fighting for the public's right to know all the ingredients in pesticide products, --Promoting pesticide use reduction.

Oregon Wild diligent protectors of wilderness, environmental laws, old-growth federal forests and wildlife habitat. They promote legislation to improve economies in rural areas, keeping jobs in the forests and the forest for jobs, while  preserving, conserving and restoring natural resources crucial to all life for the future. Their many hikes and tours in summer are outstanding fun, in awesomely beautiful places needing your protection.

Petfinder will help you find the purrfect kitties and dogs. There are many to choose from. They've been spayed or neutered, had an exam, shots and an ID chip. It's easy to find love and happiness at, a warm, intelligent companion to keep your legs warm on cold winter nights, to go with you everywhere, to welcome you home, and share exuberance for life every day. Please adopt homeless pets. They need to share a good home with you really bad. Thank you.

Seattle/Portland Audubon  take on protection of Northern Spotted Owls, all the way to the Supreme Court. They are watchdogs of green certification, challenging Weyerhaeuser to take their certificate away for intentionally logging active Spotted Owl nests during nesting season. Oregon Department of Forestry also logs active Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet nests. Portland Audubon sued ODF to stop logging Marbled Murrelet habitat and won.

World Wildlife Fund The WWF does lots of good work around the world, helping to preserve endangered species.  Why not join their campaign to save rainforests etc. One year after the historic victory to list Big Leaf Mahogany in CITES Appendix II, strong action and support for the Latin American exporting countries is needed to implement the listing effectively.  Unless illegal logging and trade to supply domestic markets is not properly addressed, this species continues to face an uncertain future.

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